Advent Video Series

Incarnate Freedom

The season of Advent is upon us.  Advent is season in the Christian calendar from November 27th - December 24th that begins and ends with apocalyptic (end of times) visions and admonitions urging Sleepers to Awake.  Even though Advent is filled with dark premonitions and fear, it is also a season of hope, pregnancy and possibility.
Advent literally means coming or arrival. In each of the four weeks of Advent, you will meet, through video, an ECM partner who offer a glimpse of the arrival or incarnation* of freedom in their lives. We hope that you can use these videos to start conversation, remember stories, and to connect with your own, individual and communal incarnations of freedom.

*incarnation - embodiment of the Spirit or God. For Christians the incarnation represents the person of Jesus.

The acceptance of the gift of freedom transforms our perception of our social and political existence. ― James H. Cone, God of the Oppressed

  • How do you know freedom in your life?
  • What relationships, communities and movements have taught you about or help you to incarnate freedom?
  • If no person, community or movement comes to mind, what might a community look and be like in order to engender freedom?

Week 1

Advent 1:  Meet our partner the Reverend Tim Crellin of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church and Youth Programs, South End. as he talks about a vision of freedom caught while answering the Clergy call to solidarity with the Standing Rock Lakota Sioux nation in Bismarck, North Dakota.


Week 2

Meet our partner Patricia Sobalvarro of Agencia Alpha as she talks about a vision of freedom caught among the immigrant community during a coffee hour.


Week 3

Meet our partner Libby Gatti, former Life Together Fellow and currently a chaplain of the MANNA community at St. Paul's Cathedral in Boston, as she talks about what freedom looks like among a community where many of its members are homeless.


Week 4

Coming soon