A Creation Care Challenge: Invest in the EDOM Fossil Fuel Free Fund!


The Earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it. [1 Corinthians 10:26]

In 2015, the Diocese created the Fossil Fuel Free Fund with the support of the Trustees of Donations. ECM and individual parishes have continued to contribute to this fund. Now in its third year, it has responded with a profitable 13.3% annualized return. The Fossil Fuel Free Fund is GROWING!

ECM and the Creation Care Justice Network invite you to consider moving some portion of your investments to this fund to match our contribution of $125,000. Will you work to “Protect and Restore the Beauty and Integrity of all Creation” and accept the challenge? Learn more about the Fossil Fuel Free Fund and other ways to take action beyond moving your parish’s investments!

Here are four suggestions for ways to participate in Creation Care in your parish:

1.    A resolution was passed at the 78th General Convention to authorize a trial of a sixth question to our baptismal covenant. "Will you cherish the wondrous works of God, and protect and restore the beauty and integrity of all creation? I will, with God's help."  I encourage your parish to adopt or celebrate the addition of the sixth question and to reflect on this part of our sacred covenant.

2. I invite individuals and parishes to “Plant a Paris Grove” by planting a tree at the Barbara C. Harris Camp or at your church or home. It is a way to embody our commitment to restore creation. My church home is St. John’s in Jamaica Plain. We had five baptisms one Sunday and every child went home with a rose bush to plant and to nourish.

3. I invite you to join Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, the Task Force on Creation Care, and the Creation Care Justice Network to make your Pledge to Care for Creation. The pledge is part of living the Jesus Movement. It’s a promise to protect and renew this good Earth and all who call it home. It’s a promise to share our stories, stand with those who are most vulnerable, and live more gently on the Earth. Use the meditations in the pledge reflection guide with your parish community.

4.   Make a thoughtful investment in Trustees of Donations’ Fossil Fuel Free Fund. In 2015, the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts created the Fossil Fuel Free Fund by investing $8 million dollars through the Diocesan Investment Trust. ECM, parishes and participants have continued to nourish the fund. Today, after more than three years, this fund has kept pace with its market benchmarks, with an annualized return of 13.3% for the last three years ending January 2019.

ECM and the Creation Care Justice Network challenge you to match their newest contribution of $125,000 to the Fossil Fuel Free Fund.  To invest in the Fund, please contact: Charlie Jordan, Investment Coordinator for the Trustees of Donations, by email or call 617-482-4826, ext 307.

Invest in our future while investing in the Fossil Fuel Free Fund.  All year long, keep your commitments to be more loving, liberating and life-giving in relation to Creation.