One of the ways that Episcopal City Mission engages in public policy is through our collaboration with the Ecumenical Advocacy Coalition.

The Ecumenical Advocacy Coalition formed in 2011 out of the collective desire of faith based organizations in Massachusetts to build relationships with one another and work together to take action on justice issues.


The Ecumenical Advocacy Coalition (EAC) is a network of faith-based organizations striving for visible, faith-informed public policy engagement in Massachusetts. We commit to collaborate to:

  • Inform & learn from one another
  • Steward our resources well
  • When possible, to design joint campaigns for state-level public policy education and change.
  • We commit to pray for one another, meet every month, and hold at least one annual event together.



The Ecumenical Advocacy Coalition continues to stay alert to the needs of our communities and is discerning future opportunities for collaboration.


During the election season of 2016, we focused our efforts on creating a ballot guide for the 2016 MA ballot questions, found here.

In response to several pieces of immigration legislation introduced in January 2013, the Ecumenical Advocacy Coalition formed a Faith for Migrants immigration reform campaign. More information can be found here:

As part of this campaign, we are hosting film screenings of the documentary The Vigil: vigilfilm.comClick here to register for our March 6th screening at the West Newton Cinema.

In October 2012, the EAC coordinated How Does our Faith Influence Our Vote?, an evening program to discuss the November 2012 election’s three ballot questions.  The dinner program included a video summarizing the issues of the three ballot questions and an opportunity for dialogue and reflection.

During the spring of 2012 the EAC organized a week of phone call and email actions to support Rental Assistance and Homelessness Prevention line items in the state budget.