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Contribute to Bond and Legal Support

The ability to post bond, in addition to obtaining legal defense, is a critical factor which determines if someone detained by ICE will be deported or granted relief. In November 2018 in collaboration with the Chelsea Collaborative, Essex County Community Organization, San Lucas, Chelsea and St. Stephen’s Lynn, ECM launched the Immigrant Justice Bond Fund which merged with the BEYOND Bond Fund in April 2019. To date nearly 70 people have been bonded out.  Donate today to the BEYOND Bond Fund

Sign up for Accompaniment

If you would like to sign up for accompaniment or to host an informational session about the Immigrant Justice Bond Fund, contact Carly Margolis (

Accompaniment opportunities with ECM partners:

Boston Immigrant Justice Accompaniment Network (BIJAN)/”Beyond”

Daily opportunities to accompany immigrant neighbors in conjunction with court visits, ICE check-ins and detention visits. Contact: or

Burlington Accompaniment Cluster

Volunteer to be part of the Burlington Cluster and participate in accompaniment actions (transportation, Jericho Walks, letters of support): Contact: Pam Chester, and 617-484-6088 from The Parish of the Epiphany in Winchester, MA

Metrowest Immigration Solidarity Network

Organize volunteers in Metrowest (Marlborough to Milford) to accompany folks to District Court, Burlington ICE and Boston immigration court. Contact:


Haga una donación hoy

Si desea organizar una sesión informativa sobre el Immigrant Justice Bond Fund Fund, comuníquese con Carly Margolis (