We engage directly with parishes across the Diocese of Massachusetts. Through our parish partnerships we support new programs and partners with parishes who are working to create social change.


For more information and an application, please contact:

Yani Burgos
Parish Partnerships, Networks and Communication Coordinator

We support new parish-based economic development programs to enable parishes to establish self-sustaining social enterprises.


St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, Dorchester
During 2010 we partnered with St. Mary’s to create a tutoring center housed at St. Mary’s to prepare students for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT), and the Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE). ECM worked together on a business plan to probe the feasibility of their project as a self-sustaining (and hopefully, income generating) business. The expansive idea was to approach more economically stable communities where they also wanted their kids to have a college prep course, and where they could afford market rate, and have their SAT prep fees help fund SAT prep classes for the underserved kids of Upham’s Corner. Seeking parish partnerships for the project, St. Mary’s contacted Christ Church in Hamilton. Together these parishes they laid out a plan that would accomplish their two-fold mission:

  • Launch a 10-week, one-on-one, 90-minute sessions, SAT Prep tutoring class for six students in Christ Church in Hamilton for $800 (compared to the market-rate cost of $1500).
  • Utilize the proceeds from the Christ Church SAT Prep to fund a free SAT Prep for students in Upham’s Corner, Dorchester.

With essential guidance from experienced tutors, the support of Scott Sullivan (owner of Sullivan Tutoring) and a curriculum from the College Board Official SAT Study Guide, Episcopal City Tutoring launched their first course at Christ Church in August 2010. With funding from six students in Hamilton, the first 10-week SAT Prep tutoring program launched in Dorchester in November 2010.

Click here to read Guidelines for Parish-Based Economic Development Partnerships
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We have created a framework to support models of parish-based ministries ranging from charity to advocacy and long-term systemic change; ECM sees this as an opportunity to support parishes in the ministries that they are pursuing or aspire to pursue and an invitation to engage more deeply in the spectrum of charity to justice.


In 2009 we completed a 5-year Affordable Housing Development program. This program offered to assist parishes interested in creating affordable housing with feasibility study grants and technical assistance. Several of these projects continue to move forward and flourish, we are partnering with these parishes to support their ongoing work.


Christ Church, Quincy
Christ Church parishioners and ECM came together to transform the 100-year-old former rectory, Porteus House, into nine units of affordable housing.

The Church of the Holy Spirit, Mattapan
CHS has engaged Mitchell Properties to be its partner in the development of new affordable housing, commercial space and new space for church use. ECM awarded an additional grant to assist CHS.

Coming Home, Inc. – St. James, Groveland
With leadership from St. James Church, a loan from Episcopal City Mission and financial support from Trinity Episcopal Church in Haverhill, a partnership – Coming Home, Inc. – was born. Today, CHI is renovating a store/rectory in South Groveland that will provide 12-15 units of affordable housing and daycare/multi-use center.